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Healthy Dishes from Christmas Past

Christmas is a time for rich foods. For a Christmas dinner that’s better for your teeth, but still satisfying, look to the delicious Christmas Dinners of the 18th century. We’ll be looking at English food, as American food had not yet developed its own identity.

Until the 19th century, refined sugar was not widely available. Christmas foods were more savory than sweet during the Georgian Era. Emphasis was on the good use of spice blends. Spices were still a luxury in England and Christmas was one of the few times middle class families would splurge on imported spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. This Christmas, try a few of these 18th century favorites to liven up your dinner table.

Plum Pottage
Before the sweeter, fattier plum pudding became a must-have during the Advent Season, the English preferred plum pottage. This thick stew is sweetened only by fruits and has a vitamin-rich broth. It makes a great, lower sugar alternative to plum pudding. Generally, it contains beef broth, cloves, mace, nutmeg, currants, and (of course) plums.

Roasted Chestnuts
An iconic Christmas food, roasted chestnuts are the perfect snack for chilly December days. In England, they are still sold by street vendors to hurrying shoppers. Chestnuts are rich in health-promoting Vitamin C, protein, and magnesium. Unlike most nuts, chestnuts are not high in fat. Just make sure they are thoroughly cooked—raw chestnuts are so hard they could lead to chipped teeth.

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