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Fun in the Sun – With Custom Mouth Guards

School is out for the summer, but seasonal sports are just beginning. Soccer, softball, baseball, and field hockey seasons—just to name a few—are already well underway. Much like sports during the school year, student athletes need customized mouth guards for their summer sessions. Why? The solution comes down to comfort and performance.

Custom mouth guards are designed to match the precise structure of each player’s uniquely shaped mouth. Unlike inexpensive rubber or boil-and-bite mouth guards, customized mouth guards offer an intimate fit when molded to an athlete’s individual mouth. Not only does this offer personalized comfort, but custom mouth guards also outlast generic products in the market.

Low-cost chunks of rubber quickly disintegrate when they’re chewed through, thereby becoming ineffective rather fast. Similarly, boil-and-bite products make it difficult for athletes to breathe and speak during their performances. Generic molds simply can’t compare to the lasting quality and comfort of the custom mouth guards that we offer here at RADA.

Our tailored mouth guards give athletes an edge by offering individualized comfort and optimal oxygen flow. Even student athletes with braces can find the protection and comfort they need to perform on the field. With incomparable comfort and breathability, athletes using custom mouth guards can enhance their performance.

Call us today at (207) 773-6331 to learn more about custom mouth guards for your children’s summer sports.

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