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Fun in the Sun – With Custom Mouth Guards

School is out for the summer, but seasonal sports are just beginning. Soccer, softball, baseball, and field hockey seasons—just to name a few—are already well underway. Much like sports during the school year, student athletes need customized mouth guards for their summer sessions. Why? The solution comes down to comfort and performance. Custom mouth guards [...]

Beach Days and Hydration

It’s that tempting time of year again when Mainers travel far and wide to our coast’s ample beaches for some much needed Vitamin D. For most of us, basking beneath the warm sun and lying in the sand is the kickoff to summer. Who doesn’t enjoy a long day swimming in the ocean and working [...]

Sugar and Oral Health

It’s official—Americans eat too much sugar. According to a new U.S. government report the average American consumes 22 teaspoons a day! New guidelines stress that we need to cut down on our sugar consumption. In addition to increasing the likelihood of getting type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity, sugar wreaks havoc on your teeth. [...]

What does it mean to be “Mercury and Latex Free”?

You may have seen the phrase ‘Mercury and Latex Free’ the way you see ‘Fair Trade’ or ‘Certified Organic.’ It has become a new slogan that represents precautions some dental practices have taken in order to keep their patients safe, and at RADA, we make a point to be on the list of Mercury and [...]

Why does the cold air hurt my teeth?

That first icy gust of January air can be a refreshing sign of winter for some Mainers, especially after December’s warm streak. For people with sensitive teeth, though, the wintry air is nothing to smile about, and sipping hot tea or cocoa to warm back up can be just as painful on the other end [...]

Healthy Dishes from Christmas Past

Christmas is a time for rich foods. For a Christmas dinner that’s better for your teeth, but still satisfying, look to the delicious Christmas Dinners of the 18th century. We’ll be looking at English food, as American food had not yet developed its own identity. Until the 19th century, refined sugar was not widely available. [...]

Sleep Apnea: What you need to know

Sleep apnea is an extremely common but serious sleep disorder. In sleep apnea, the airway becomes blocked during sleep. This causes the sufferer to stop breathing and jerk awake in order to regain oxygen. Apnea episodes can occur anywhere from five to one hundred times an hour. These episodes prevent the body from entering REM [...]

National Sleep Comfort Month

At RADA, we talk a lot about sleep, and for good reason. Sleep is essential to many areas of health—even dental health. Millions of Americans are not getting adequate sleep. When your head hits the pillow, do you suddenly snap awake, start making mental to-do lists, and worry about tomorrow? You’re not the only one. [...]

Common Dental Procedures For Those Over 40

As you move into your next 40 years of life, attention turns towards maintaining and improving the smile you have now. Here is a small list of some of the most common dental procedures for the Next 40 crowd. Fillings & Crowns Fillings and crowns are used to patch up areas of tooth decay. Fillings [...]

Will Your Teeth Survive the Next 40 Years?

Are you going to outlive your teeth? With the average American’s life expectancy approaching 79, hitting middle age is just that—the “middle.” If you are in your 40s, that means your teeth need to work for another forty years. RADA specializes in dental techniques and standards that will keep your smile bright for the Next [...]

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