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Dental Hygiene and the First Thanksgiving

When the Puritans sat down to the first Thanksgiving, it’s likely many of them were totally toothless. As they lacked dental hygiene technology, Puritans began losing teeth to decay at young ages. By the age of 50, a significant portion of Puritans found themselves without a single tooth. Inability to chew food properly, and thus [...]

Eat everything you want on Thanksgiving exactly the way you want it

At Thanksgiving you know what you’re going to get…lots and lots of food! Some love it that way and some stress about it for various reasons. One ting is for sure around the holidays: people love their traditions. They should, that’s what makes this time of year so special. So when you hear of all [...]

Giving “Thanks” for Healthy Teeth, Gums, and Body

Although we all tend to overindulge a little during our annual Thanksgiving meal, the foods many of us enjoy are actually quite healthy, not only for overall well-being, but also specifically for our teeth and gums. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic point out which foods are most nutritious and also give helpful tips on updated [...]

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