Comfort & Technology

Our patients enjoy going to the dentist

That's because at Restorative and Aesthetic Dental Associates, our staff treats you as a person first, and a patient second. It's important to us that you feel welcome in our reception area, well-acquainted with your dental assistant, hygienist and dentist, and that you know your questions are our priority.

"Robin, who makes the teeth in the lab, got really invested in doing excellent work and making it perfect. And Dr. Corwin's assistant, Julie, was caring and gentle." – Erin Cayehal

On your first visit, we'll talk about you and what's going on in your mouth, such as any discomfort or problems. Having that initial conversation in a non-clinical setting gives you lots of opportunity to talk and ask questions. Then we'll take a full set of X-Rays and photographs so that we have an understanding of your teeth and gums, down to the root and bone. During your second visit, we'll examine these X-Rays and photographs together, and discuss our thoughts as well as yours. We offer a menu of services and treatments from which to choose.

We are mercury and latex free.


If you're looking for a new dental experience, please call our office today at 207.773.6331 to discuss a convenient appointment.

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