In-House Lab

In-House Lab

Porcelain. Gold. Platinum. Palladium...

In the hands of a true expert these materials become beautiful and functional solutions for your dental health.  Crowns and restorations that perfectly match the color, shading, shape, and texture of your teeth.

Meet Robin and Karen, our in-house dental technicians (truly artists), who create products to improve your oral health for years to come.  When you need custom restorations and crowns,  they will meet with you in our office to:

  • Discuss your preferences and ideas
  • View how their work will impact your overall appearance
  • Design unique dentistry to enhance your smile and well-being
  • Consult with you and make timely modifications


Other dentists offer machine-made crowns or out of state mass produced restorations.  Our gallery highlights some examples of the beautiful results we have created.  We believe the quality, precision, and customized service of our in-house lab produces a better patient result.

If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of truly custom dentistry, give us a call today at 207.773.6331 and make an appointment to improve your health, harmony, and beauty.

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