What is a denture? 

 A denture is a removable prosthetic that replaces missing teeth.

Why would I need Dentures?  

 Dentures are what are used when there is no way to save any natural teeth.

Benefits of a denture:

Dentures help restore chewing function when teeth are lost.  Chewing food is very important in getting the nutrition out of food and into your body.  They also are important in restoring lip fullness which gives a more youthful look as opposed to an old, sunken face look.

How do dentures work? 

They are fitted to the remaining ridge of bone (and gums) that formerly held teeth. This is done by taking accurate impressions of the dental aches.  Upper denture or plates have better success rate that lowers because they have more surface area to cling to for retention.  The lowers are horseshoe shaped due to the tongue and have less surface area.  For this reason lower dentures (and sometimes uppers) can be greatly improved by placing several implants to help retain the denture.  The implant retained dentures are several times more comfortable and functional that dentures without implant retention.

 It is very important to have a dentist check your mouth at least once a year even if you have no teeth because oral disease is not confined to the teeth.

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