Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings

What are composite resins (tooth colored fillings)? 

Tooth colored fillings are a plastic matrix with hard colored filler particles that give the restoration its strength, wear characteristics and polish ability.

Why use tooth colored fillings? 

For more than 100 years, teeth have been restored with silver amalgam (aka mercury) fillings.  These were held in the tooth by simply friction.  They also had the tendency to expand slowly over time and lead to tooth fractures.  Modern dentistry has benefitted from newer restorative materials, composite resin or tooth colored fillings (TCF) being the most common.

Benefits of tooth colored fillings:   

The composite fillings have several advantages over the older alloys.  Less tooth structure needs to be removed to place a TCF and they are bonded into the tooth which yields a stronger tooth/filling result.  Besides they look great.

           Before                                                      After


How are tooth colored fillings placed?

As with any filling procedure any old filling material and/or decay is removed.  The tooth is treated to make it receptive to the bonding agent.  The bonding agent is place and set.  Next the filling material is placed in increments and cured or set with a light.  Once the cavity is filled the bite is checked and adjusted, if needed, and polished.

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