Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures

What is a Removable partial denture (RPD)?

Removable partial dentures are similar to full denture in that numerous teeth can be replaced with a single appliance.  The difference with RPDs is that some teeth remain allowing for anchorage of the partial.  This greatly improves the comfort and fit of the teeth replacement device. 

Why would I need an RPD?

An RPD can replace several teeth with one appliance using the remaining teeth as anchors.

Benefits of an RPD:

RPDs can replace several teeth with a removable device as an alternative to cemented bridgework or implants.

 How do PRDs work? 

An RPD is held in or retained by clasps or wires that grip the remaining teeth.  There is increased stress and strain on the remaining teeth so it is very important to have them examined and reinforced if necessary prior to having a partial fabricated.  Routine cleanings are especially important if you have a partial because with fewer teeth, each one becomes more important.

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