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Mike Hill's Experience With RA Dental

Mike Hill has been a patient of Restorative & Aesthetic Dental Associates for nearly 20 years, and his wife is also a patient there.

While most of his visits have been for routine cleanings and exams, he has had two crowns put on and a couple of fillings repaired by Dr. Leigh Philbrick. But instead of pushing Mike to have a crown put on in one instance, Dr. Philbrick suggested a lower cost procedure that he thought was a reasonable solution for this particular tooth.

"He's not trying to sell the most expensive procedures; he does reasonable procedures at reasonable costs," Mike said. "He's a frugal guy, which I like. He said, 'If we need to, we can do a crown later.'"

When Mike needed a crown on a different tooth, he noticed afterwards that his bite was a little off. He phoned the office and was able to come in right away. Dr. Philbrick corrected his bite in a few minutes.

"It wasn't a major problem, but I felt like they wanted it to be right and for me to happy," he said.

Mike also appreciates the comfortable atmosphere of this dental practice. He feels like the staff actually enjoy being at work, and that they treat each other well.

"This is a friendly place," Mike said. "The office staff do a good job with welcoming and greeting you. They are great with reminding you about appointments."

He said the hygienists communicate well with him about what is changing in his mouth and what needs to be mentioned to Dr. Philbrick.

"I feel like I'm in the loop," Mike said.

But the relationship Dr. Philbrick has built with Mike over the years is also important.

"I feel as though Dr. Philbrick remembers what's going on with my teeth from visit to visit," Mike said. "I know that he does continuing education, and he seems to like what he does while staying current on new developments and technology. He also has a great sense of humor."


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