Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

What is Tooth Whitening (Bleaching)?

The common term bleaching is not accurate because bleach is not and should never be used in the mouth.  Tooth whitening is indicated for people who are not happy with the color of their teeth.

Why would I need whitening?

Everyone’s teeth stain over time due to coffee, tea and other dark liquids or foods that are put into contact with the teeth.  Whitening removes these stains that have build up over time.

Benefits of whitening:

Tooth whitening gives the teeth a more youthful and pretty look.

 How does whitening work? 

Whitening works by removing stains that have built up or leached into the teeth over time.  Whitening has many forms, from over the counter self administered forms to custom fabricated accurate, efficient in office/take hove models.  In our office we prefer the custom fabricated stents that precisely hold the whitening material on the teeth with minimal leakage.  These stents also insure that the whitening material gets between the teeth to areas which tend to have the most stain.  The negative side effects associated with tooth whitening are usually some temperature sensitivity that is most times avoidable or short lived.  It is important to have a complete tooth and gum exam prior to starting bleaching to restore decay and treat gum disease prior to whitening.

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