Next 40 - Content

Warning! You May Outlive Your Teeth!

Many of the dental techniques and standards applied
today may not keep up with your ever increasing life
Modern dentistry has the materials and
knowledge for
you to have a beautiful, healthy,
functional smile your
entire life - but not every dentist
chooses to apply

We believe so strongly that you can keep your teeth for
a lifetime, that the dentists, dental assistants, hygienists,
lab technicians, and office staff at Restorative and
Aesthetic Dental Associates
have adapted their training,
methods, recommendations, and practice styles to help
you maintain a beautiful, healthy smile for the next forty

NEXT FORTY WEB SITE: We've built a Web site around
this whole philosophy. We call it Next Forty Dentistry and
we invite you to take a look.

DOWNLOAD a document we prepared to describe our
Next Forty philosophy
and how we help patients achieve
everything they want
from their smiles. Just fill out the
form below for a link to download it.


"Every time I left the office I would feel such gratitude that I had found someone with the skills and resources to save my mouth.  Otherwise, I would have lost my teeth."

- Erin Cayehal

"There is no rush in this office. Dr. Burke and his en-tire team want to know about you and focus on how they can help with your dental health."

- Paul Reinbold

"I have been traumatized by going to the dentist my whole life, but this is a different experience. What separates them is that they treat the whole person."

- Susan Whitehouse

650 Brighton Ave. Portland, ME 04102