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5 Reasons You'll Like My Dentist Too!

They Listen.
My dentist doessn't do highturnover "drill and fill" dentistry.  He will get to
know you, listen to you, and help you improve your oral health.
An Experienced Staff.
The friendly and skilled team has worked together for an average of
15 years.  Everyone in the office knows me.
Exceptional Dental Care.
My dentist has over 20 years experience and has earned some of the
highest awards and honrs dentists can receive.
Commitment to Technology.
They use the best, safest technology to improve your comfort and
health - lasers, digital scanners, and low emission x-ray machines.
They even offer iPads and Wi-Fi.
In-House Lab.
Their lab expertly crafts any crowns or cosmetic work you need to
create the look you want.  They don't use cheap industrial machines or
of-shore manufacturing facilities.



"Every time I left the office I would feel such gratitude that I had found someone with the skills and resources to save my mouth.  Otherwise, I would have lost my teeth."

- Erin Cayehal

"There is no rush in this office. Dr. Burke and his en-tire team want to know about you and focus on how they can help with your dental health."

- Paul Reinbold

"I have been traumatized by going to the dentist my whole life, but this is a different experience. What separates them is that they treat the whole person."

- Susan Whitehouse

650 Brighton Ave. Portland, ME 04102